We’re defining a new way of working

Our vision

At Wonolo, we recognize the barriers that make it difficult for people to find fulfilling work and for companies to find quality workers. We believe that there’s a better way to connect people and jobs. A transparent way that trusts people from diverse backgrounds. An equitable way that offers everyone broad job opportunities with best-in-class protections. A versatile way that provides flexibility for the dreamer and consistent work for anyone who wants stability.

We’re passionate about solving these problems with a technology platform that empowers people to choose work that works for them instead of the other way around.




Jobs posted to date

Wonolo leadership team

Yong Kim

Co-Founder, CEO

Lori Macias

Chief Revenue Officer

Aurelio Pérez

VP of Legal

Cliel Schachter

VP of Engineering, Product & Design

Monica Plaza

VP of Strategy

Rachel Kim

VP of Marketing

John Flaaten

VP of Marketplace

Katie Evans-Reber

VP of People & Culture