Our Vision

We believe that given the opportunity, anyone can excel at their work. The problem is that today’s work environment doesn’t often foster excellence. In an ideal world, every worker is empowered to choose positions at companies for which they are a great fit, as opposed to being chosen for positions based on incomplete resumes and irrelevant interviews. And they are able to make choices flexibly, around their priorities.

To make this happen, Wonolo is building a platform in which workers rely on transparency and autonomy, where merit determines their future opportunities. Giving everyone an opportunity to prove themselves on the job. We call this democratizing work. We call this Wonolo.

Our Story

Working inside the Coca-Cola Company, we wanted to solve one pervasive problem. How do we ensure cans are always on the store shelf? When a warehouse worker calls out sick, a driver is caught in traffic, or a merchandiser can’t work overtime, how can we find the talent to get product on the shelf?

Meanwhile, we saw a growing segment of frontline workers, often part-time or unemployed, struggling to find additional work around their busy schedules. Some already had the right skillsets to get that product on the shelf, others had the capability to quickly learn.

The convergence of these two insights began our journey to not only create a smarter way to match supply and demand, but to redefine the pool of talent available to get work done.

Today, Wonolo helps connect thousands of businesses with tens of thousands of Wonoloers. What started with getting Sprite on the shelf evolved into giving anyone the opportunity to Work Now Locally - making Wonoloing the future of work for frontline jobs.

Pictured: Wonolo Co-Founders AJ Brustein and Yong Kim

Meet the Team

We are all Wonoloers! When we started Wonolo, we did every single job ourselves before it was posted to Wonoloers. We wanted to ensure that all jobs posted were jobs we would feel comfortable doing ourselves. We wanted to meet as many Wonoloers and Requestors as we could. And we wanted to remind ourselves that we aren’t above Wonoloing. It is for these same reasons that we have implemented a Wonolo Work Day once a quarter for everyone that works at Wonolo today.

Team San Francisco

Marcus Alfred
Small Business Account Executive

Vivian Alvarez
Head of Talent

Rob Baldwin
Platform Lead

Rachel Blasyak
Strategic Account Manager

Savy Brandt
Front End Engineer

AJ Brustein
Chief Operations Officer

Jeremy Burton
Chief Technical Officer

Jody Chan
Associate Product Manager

Angelina Durland
Market Manager, NYC/NJ

John Flaaten
Sr. Director, Business Operations

John Foster
Small Business Account Executive

Jason Girod
Sr. Onboarding Operations Manager

Chris Huey
Growth Marketing Associate

Ross Hunt
Account Manager 

Jennifer Kao
Associate Product Manager

Richard Khang
General Manager, SoCal

Yong Kim
Chief Executive Officer

Michael Korenkiewicz
VP Enterprise Sales

Melissa Lareau
Sr. Market Manager, NorCal

Dinh Le
General Manager, Wonolo Vietnam

Deanna Lepp
Community Support Manager

Lori Macias
VP, Sales

Gaby Manas
Senior Manager, Customer Support

Simon Maude
Platform Software Engineer

Max Murphy
Sr. Manager, Operations & Analytics

Shayla Navin
Mid-Market Account Executive

Michael Nguyen
Director, Product Management

Kevin Ori
Manager, Marketplace Sales

Michaela Pama
Onboarding Operations Associate

Beatrice Pang
VP, Strategy and Finance

Billy Pham
Director of Engineering, Platform

Vanessa Rivera
Office Manager / EA

Gabe Sanchez
Small Business Account Executive

Mandeep Singh
Regional Sales Manager

Chris Stacionis
Sr. Account Executive

Marcus Svehlak
Front End Engineer

Marcus Tetwiler
Manager, Marketplace Sales

Dana de la Vega
Analytics & Insights Senior Associate

Arthur Wei
Director of Finance

Kristy Wen
Sr. Growth Marketing Manager

Minheng Wu
Data Scientist

Christina Xian

Tony Yeung
Technical Project Manager

Daniel Yi
Operations Specialist

Jaimee Zullo
Community Manager

Team Philippines

Nick Angeles
Activation Specialist

Leslie Bautista
Customer Support Advocate

Ivy Caandi
Customer Support Team Lead

Leyland Canoy
Customer Support Advocate

Simon Christopher
Customer Support Advocate

Rodilette Clapano
Activation Specialist

Ken Eric DeLeon
Customer Support Advocate

Rochelle Espejo
Activation Specialist

Michael Espinola
Activation Specialist

Rebekah Jacinto
Customer Support Advocate

Grace Ledesma
Activation Specialist

Brian Licayan
Customer Support Advocate

Lenie Malicay
Customer Support Advocate

Hana Sheila Ogania
Customer Support Advocate

Kristine Omega
Customer Support Advocate

Locelle Perez
Customer Support Advocate

Ginadel Rino
Customer Support Team Lead

Lady Mae Tacorda
Customer Support Advocate

Margie Tizon
Customer Support Advocate

Eugene Torres
Customer Support Advocate

Team Vietnam

Cam Anh
QA Engineer

Duc Bui
Full Stack Engineer

Thao Bui
Product Owner

Hoang Dang
QA Engineer

Bang Le
Mobile Engineer

Chanh Le
Full Stack Engineer

Phuoc Le
Front End Engineer

Tran Luu
Mobile Engineer

Tuan Anh Ly
Mobile Engineer

Khoi Nguyen
Full Stack Engineer

Thieu Nguyen
Platform Engineer

Tram Nguyen
Senior QA Engineer

Tran Nguyen
QA Engineer

Hung Pham
Frontend Engineer

Lien Pham
Platform Lead

Thi To
Mobile Lead

Huong Tran
QA Engineer

Tri Vo
Mobile Engineer

Chi Vu
QA Engineer

Dung Vu
QA Engineer

How We Help

Our Requestors

We believe flexibility is the difference between a business that grows and a business that stagnates. Whether your business is throwing a large event, needs help handling a spike in orders, or gets blindsided when too many of your employees come down with the flu, Wonolo allows you to deal with the unexpected.

Our Wonoloers

Wonoloers range from people looking to supplement a part-time job, to college students who need to be in class most of the time, to those who would rather work Wonolo jobs than work a traditional job. Wonoloing can help you fund that new car, hold you over between jobs, or become your entire way of working. No matter who you are, Wonolo is designed to make work easier.

Join Us!

We are always looking for great people to help us build a better Wonolo

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