Accepting Wonolo Requests and Wonolo Engagements in Iowa

In order to avoid any ambiguity, this section specifically applies to you if you provide services to Wonolo Customers in the state of Iowa. 

You acknowledge and agree that you are a marketplace contractor and that Wonolo is a marketplace platform, in accordance with Iowa Title III Public Services and Regulation §93.2 (Marketplace contractors as independent contractors-retroactivty.) and for all purposes under Iowa state or local law. 

You agree:

  1. you are engaged as an independent contractor and not an employee of Wonolo.
  2. Wonolo does not unilaterally prescribe specific hours during which you must be available to accept service requests submitted through Wonolo’s digital network.
  3. Wonolo does not prohibit you from engaging in outside employment or performing services through other marketplace platforms.
  4. You bear your own expenses incurred in performing services.
  5. When providing services that require an Iowa license, you shall be responsible for obtaining the Iowa license and making such license available to the individuals or entities for whom you are providing services.