3 Places to Find and Hire the Best Day Laborers

Last Updated: July 6, 2018

tips for hiring day laborersBeing able to find good day laborers as soon as they are needed is a major advantage for any site. Day laborers are used to perform a range of tasks including cleaning a job site, transporting materials, and even using tools like forklifts, power drills, grinders etc. They also act as help to skilled workers like carpenters or electricians, taking on any unskilled tasks which help the skilled worker to carry out their job more effectively and efficiently.

Warehouses, construction sites and others need day laborers at varying times throughout the year for reasons like increased productivity demand – if a job is running late for example. Other reasons for hiring day laborers might be employee sickness or vacancies created by employee turnover. There might also be a situation where there is a backlog of unskilled tasks that need to be performed so it makes sense to hire a few day laborers to complete the work.

While day laborers can have an important impact on site productivity, there has always been something of a gamble involved in their hiring. The need for a day laborer is often time-sensitive and, as a result, finding day laborers can be rushed with little being done in the way of background checks or vetting. However, day laborers still have an important role to play in our economy and our guide pinpoints new tools which handle vetting on behalf of the employer.

To help you get the best day laborers for the job be it painting, construction work, or whatever else you need, we have put together a list of the best places to find day laborers.

They are:

  1. On Demand Staffing Platforms
  2. Day Laborer Pick Up Areas
  3. Employee Referrals

1. On Demand Staffing Platforms

Traditional methods of finding day laborers like driving around the Home Depot parking lot in the hope of finding suitable laborers certainly have their limitations. However, in years gone by, it made a lot of sense to take this approach. It was low cost in terms of planning and time commitment for any potential contractor to drive by a day laborer waiting area and pick up laborers for a day’s work. However, the world has moved on. The internet has changed the world – everybody is connected all the time now and employers no longer need to drive around the place in the hope of picking up day laborers. On-demand staffing platforms have revolutionized this area.

You can think of on-demand staffing solutions as an “Uber for day laborers”. To use an online staffing platform to find day laborers all you need to do is log on, write a description of what the day laboring job entails and include details like pay, hours, and location of the job. The best online staffing platforms will quickly be able to identify suitable candidates in terms of qualifications, experience, and, crucially, their rating. By allowing past employers to rate day laborers, the platform ensures only the most suitable candidates are served up for your day laboring job. Within a few hours of posting your job, a suitable day laborer will begin work. Another added benefit is leading staffing platforms handle things like background checks and vetting which were often overlooked when hiring day laborers. The world has moved on from the days of driving around car parks trying to find day laborers. Use the ubiquitous connectivity of today’s world to your advantage to unearth the most suitable day laborers through an online staffing platform whenever and wherever you need them.

2. Day Laborer Pick Up Areas

While day laborer pick up areas are no longer the best way to find the people you need, that is not to say you should ignore pick up areas completely. If needs must, there may be times when you need to swing by the pick up area to find suitable candidates. There are a few drawbacks to consider here though – you will not be able to conduct the background checks and vetting which is built in to online staffing platforms. Furthermore, you probably won’t have any idea about the laborers effectiveness or past performance so there is still that element of a gamble. There might also be questions over insurance and the day laborer’s legal status within the United States. Hiring illegal immigrants is not something the federal government takes lightly and penalties include fines of up to $10,000 and even jail time for repeat offenders.

3. Employee Referrals

Even though day laborers are short term hires, it is still important that they fit in well with the rest of your team. One of the easiest ways to make sure they fit in with your existing workforce is to use employee referrals to find day laborers. It probably doesn’t make financial sense to reward employees for day laborer referrals but it is a best practice to encourage referrals and this might be done by simply asking your workers if they know of suitable day laborer candidates. For longer term hires, you could think about introducing an employee referrals rewards program.

With employee referrals for day laborers you will not have the convenience of online staffing platforms which handle vetting etc. for you. So, if you are using employee referrals, you should bake in the time it will take you to do background checks and figure out any insurance issues you need to work out into the cost.

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