When Ashley moved to Texas it was a struggle to find work. What was even harder was finding work that fit around the schedule of her family. She used to get off of work at 5 AM to pick her son up and drop him off at school at 6 AM, start another shift, and have little to no sleep. 

When she found Wonolo, she felt a huge burden off her shoulders. She found work that was flexible and consistent. She now had the capability of being able to provide for her family financially and also be there to drop off and pick up her kids on time. 

If you’re in a position where you need freedom, flexibility, and consistency, Wonolo is right for you. You can find jobs local to you without needing to bring a resume or go through an interview process. Ashley was able to prove her work ethic and reliability, and eventually got hired on full-time! Check out her story and learn about what opportunities are available for you.