Top 50 Podcasts Every HR Professional Should Be Listening To

Did you know that the human resources/staffing and resources industry is filled with the second-happiest workers in America? If you're an...

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Are You Prepared for the Rise in Mobile Recruitment?

Mobile recruiting is here to stay as 90% of job seekers today use their phones to search for jobs. 75%...

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3 Facts You Need to Know About Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Fighting discrimination in the workplace is currently a hot topic, but it's nothing new. Many modern equal pay laws have been...

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Top HR Trends to Focus on This Busy Season

HR is moving fast, and if you want to stay on top of the challenges and trends, there’s plenty you...

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How Employers Can Work Out the Ideal Freelance Hourly Rate

According to Freelancers Union, a staggering 35% of Americans – that's roughly 55 million people – were freelancers in the...

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