Christine Hanks

Christine Hanks

Hiring catering staff – from restaurants to catering companies to private businesses and events – face challenges in hiring qualified workers, particularly when the need is urgent. So how do you hire a great catering staff in a hurry?

High Industry Turnover Poses Challenges

In the food-service industry, and hospitality as a whole, companies struggle with high staff turnover rates. Restaurants have consistently seen turnover exceed 70% and according to Upserve Restaurant Insider, turnover among “other” industry roles (such as catering staff and sommeliers) hovers around 32%. While that’s less than half of the industry-wide 70% figure, it’s still significantly higher than the overall average of 18% across industries.

High turnover means workers often have many choices, creating a competitive hiring environment. And when you need to hire a great catering staff in a hurry, it can be difficult to find the most qualified workers who can carry off a catering event without a hitch. Here are a few tips to make the hiring process easier and stress-free.

Ask Existing Staff for Referrals

If you’re in search of catering staff to accommodate a double-booking or for a one-off event, ask your current staff for referrals. Your current workforce may have friends, acquaintances, or former co-workers who are qualified and need to earn extra cash.

Be Clear About Expectations

How to Hire a Great Catering Staff (in a Hurry)

You don’t want to waste valuable time interviewing candidates who aren’t available on critical dates or who aren’t willing to work the needed shifts or hours.

Setting clear expectations in job posts about required skills and experience, as well as clearly communicating the days, shifts, or hours workers will be expected to work will help bring in the right candidates. Carefully reviewing resumes or other application materials submitted before scheduling interviews will help, too.

Reach Out to Your Network

If you run a catering agency, you probably have contacts in the restaurant and wedding planning industries who may be able to refer potential workers. Another option is reaching out to local culinary schools, local colleges, and universities. Students typically seek out work opportunities that allow them to accommodate their class schedule, so a weekend or evening gig is often suitable.

If you have a strong social media presence, a simple post can be a means of sourcing potential workers, as well. Again, make sure you’re clear about the expectations and requirements.

Hire a Great Catering Staff Fast with Wonolo

Hire a Great Catering Staff Fast with Wonolo

When you need a catering staff fast, a weeks-long hiring process is out of the question. That’s why turning to an on-demand staffing solution like Wonolo is the best way to hire a great catering staff in a hurry. With Wonolo, you can post your job in seconds, and our algorithm automatically ranks and notifies more than 300,000 pre-screened Wonoloers who are ready to accept your job in minutes. That means you’ll avoid the hassles of interviewing and background checks, while getting access to qualified and experienced catering staff in your local area.

With an average time-to-fill rate that’s shorter than traditional staffing agencies and no up-front costs (you pay only when the job is successfully completed), Wonolo is a practical and cost-effective solution for quickly hiring qualified catering staff for any event. Wonoloers have a high rating, often above 4.8 on average. Plus, our ranking algorithms ensure that we match the best Wonoloers with your job, so you can be confident that Wonoloers – from food prep workers to food and beverage servers – will make a great impression and get the job done well.  

Don’t Neglect Training

Even if you’re hiring catering staff for a one-off event, don’t neglect the need for proper training. You should provide adequate training to cover the essentials, including food safety, company policies and procedures to ensure workers can put their best foot forward.

You don’t have time to wait or time to waste interviewing applicants who aren’t a good fit for the job. Sign up today to get access to Wonolo’s world-class on-demand workforce to find great catering staff in minutes.