Hey there! My name is Eddie and I’m a Wonoloer in the Chicago area. I’m a laid back person who likes to have fun, even while I’m working. I heard about Wonolo last September. I had healed from a severe injury and was looking to get back to work. I wanted to find something quick, and I knew it would take a while to find work through a traditional staffing agency. When I was searching online, I came across Wonolo and have been accepting jobs on the app ever since. 

I was surprised to find how quick payments came through. It’s helpful to know that I will get paid fast and I don’t have to wait for a paycheck to come every two weeks. I also enjoy the variety of work I find on the app. I have quite the background, so it’s nice to bring the skills I have into a job even if it’s different every day. 

I have two daughters and my big goal is to spend more time with them together. They live in different states, so there’s a lot of planning that’s involved. It would be amazing to be able to bring us all together a few times a year. Kids grow and change so quickly, and I want to cherish the time I have with them. 

Wonolo has been a great opportunity for me. If you’re on the fence about downloading the app, just give it a try! The jobs that are posted are easy to do. It’s fun and not super strenuous. You’ll get to meet other Wonoloers and over time you’ll feel like you’re a part of the family. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing when and where you want to work!