Hi everyone! My name is Nydeara and I’m a Wonoloer in the New York/ New Jersey area. I’ve been accepting Wonolo jobs for about a year now and love it! It’s how a make a living. I used to be a letter carrier, but I didn’t feel challenged in my work. I love being able to try new things, and Wonolo allows me to do that. Gone are the days of being bored while working. Since I like the ability to change my day to day, I’ve stuck with Wonolo and it’s been perfect for me. 

I heard about Wonolo through a friend and she’d been accepting jobs for a while by that point. When I initially started, what surprised me the most was how quickly I received my payments. I didn’t have to wait for a bi-weekly paycheck anymore, which was a welcomed change for me. 

Since starting, I’ve had the opportunity to be a local operations specialist, and I love being the point person for Wonoloers. I can guide them, answer questions, and help wherever I’m needed. I’m a living testimony that Wonolo works for people, so if you’re just beginning to accept jobs, know that there’s so much opportunity for you!