The heart of Wonolo is the community of people who are accepting jobs on our app, our Wonoloers. We see you working every day making a difference for yourselves, your families, and your community. You also are helping many businesses fulfill their needs. Anywhere from warehouse packaging, hand-letter writing, and everything in between.

We now want to take the time to recognize you even more! We are launching a Wonoloer Recognition program where we highlight top Wonoloers throughout the nation. Our hope is to applaud those who are working hard and to motivate everyone around us. 

We are launching the program with the monthly Leaderboard. Each week you’ll be able to see the top 50 Wonoloers, their market, and how many jobs they’ve worked on our app during the current month. You can see the updates every Tuesday through the weekly email that’s sent to you or on the Wonoloer Hub. At the end of the month, we’ll award the top three Wonoloers with Leaderboard badges. First place will get the gold Leaderboard badge. Second place will receive the silver Leaderboard badge. And third place will get the bronze Leaderboard badge. Once you receive a badge, it will always live on your profile. Potentially, someone could have all three! We’ll announce the top three winners after the month has wrapped up on the home screen on your app. 

We have two more branches of the Wonoloer Recognition program launching, and we’ll share those with you in the coming weeks. Thanks for all of your hard work. We can’t wait to see what you all can accomplish!