Hello! My name is Cleo and I’ve been a Wonoloer in Dallas since February 2018, so for one whole year. I heard about Wonolo through my son. Before I started working on the Wonolo app, I was a driver and delivery person through various apps.  

I like choosing jobs that are close by. I also accept most jobs on the platform, so I can try different ones. My favorite part about working on Wonolo is meeting new people. My fellow Wonoloers and I keep in touch all the time. We ask about the different shifts we’ve picked up, give each other rides, and help offer any feedback. It’s a real community that helps each other!

Outside of work, I like to spend a lot of time in nature and focus on self-care. I cook healthy meals and enjoy eating off the land. I plan to incorporate more travel this year, so taking time off to adventure somewhere new is important to me. Wonolo gives me the flexibility to choose when to work, so I can enjoy my passions when I want.