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Why We Work Series: Lori- From a Student of Psychology to a Mission-Driven Sales Leader

Let’s meet Lori Lori joined Wonolo as Head of Sales in 2018.  Her team is responsible for bringing new companies...

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Everything You Need to Know for Being Successful in the Gig Economy

In 2018, 15 million Americans worked as full-time freelancers or independent contractors, according to the Upwork—a figure which is expected...

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How to Begin Building an Inclusive Workplace Community

An inclusive workplace community is a great way to boost morale, create a sense of belonging, and build satisfaction in...

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Getting Ready For Your First Wonolo Gig? Just Follow The Five Ps.

Now, that you’ve downloaded the app, completed the onboarding process, and accepted your first Wonolo job, it’s time to get...

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How Does Cloud Computing Technology Work for HR Industry

Anyone working in Human Resources understands how overwhelming it can be. It can be a maze of paperwork and redundant...

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