Being a Wonoloer provides you flexibility and independence to choose how you work and when. But with freedom comes bigger responsibilities to manage your money wisely. The Bureau of Labor notes that more than 35% of the American workforce consists of gig workers. That’s six million more than a decade ago. As the business model changes, so do the financial implications. In order to protect their hard-earned income, Wonoloers need affordable options to not only safeguard their assets but have the tools to track expenses and streamline tax preparation. Doing this all on your own while working multiple jobs can be tricky, but thankfully Wonoloer Income Shield can help with just that.

But first…

What is Kover? 

Kover provides income protection products specifically designed for gig workers like Wonoloers. We understand that Wonoloers are a big part of the economy and Kover wants to give nontraditional workers access to safeguard their earnings and helpful perks they might not be afforded given their gig work. 

Kover is independent from the gig platforms and creates helpful benefits and impactful coverage at an affordable price. We’re backed by MetLife Insurance, the largest insurance carrier in the United States. Kover also has the support of Techstars, a prestigious venture capital firm and incubator program. Check out our testimonials at

How does Kover fit within the Wonolo Up Community?

As a trusted partner of Wonolo, Kover has seamlessly integrated with Wonolo Up to provide Wonoloers access to income protection for hospitalization and accidents. We offer only what is best for you, the Wonoloer, to be your own boss and have peace of mind that your income is protected. 

Income Protection with Wonoloer Income Shield

Why do Wonoloers need protection?

Let’s face it: life can sometimes take us by surprise. Whether it’s getting sick for a few days, ending up in the hospital suddenly, or accidents with unforeseen vehicle repairs, there are events we simply cannot control. For full-time workers with benefits, it usually only amounts to a quiet disruption in the routine. But for Wonoloers, these troubling moments can be debilitating. When you can’t work, you don’t earn money and life won’t pause while you take time to catch up. Bills, rent, groceries, and other costly expenses still need to get paid. It’s estimated that 30% of gig economy workers don’t have a rainy day fund in place. 

Thankfully, there are companies like Kover who have built products specifically for Wonoloers. You no longer have to feel at risk of losing everything just because you don’t have the same protections as a full-time employee. As your own boss, you make the rules and now you get to have your benefits too.

What is included with Wonoloer Income Shield?

Once you link your Wonoloer account, you’re covered around the clock for hospitalization, collision/accident protection, and you’ll have access to the premier expense and mileage tracking app, Hurdlr:

Hospitalization – When you’re hospitalized due to an unforeseeable event (scheduled visits do not count as unforeseeable), Kover replaces 80% of your lost income while you’re in the hospital.

Collision/Accident coverageRegardless of who is at fault, while your vehicle is being repaired due to a collision, Kover replaces 80% of your lost income until you get your vehicle back. If your vehicle is rented or totaled, Kover covers that as well.

Hurdlr Premium subscription Hurdlr is a popular automatic business expense & mileage tracker. On average, people find over $5,600 in tax deductions using the app. Hurdlr Premium includes all free features, plus fully-auto mileage and finance tracking, Speed Tagging, Custom Rules, AI-based Suggested Rules, detailed Tax, Calculations, and the ability to set Work Hours. More information can be found here.

Wonoloer Income Shield works with multiple platforms!

Do you work for Wonolo and other gig apps? No problem. As long as you first link your Wonoloer account, you’re able to link your other accounts. The income protection covers everything. So if you file a claim, Kover calculates 80% of total income of all accounts. If your platform isn’t listed, send us a note at

How much does Wonoloer Income Shield cost?

You can get a quote by clicking “Get a Quote” to start the process. You will get a price after submitting all the information requested. You can choose a package based on how many days of income you’d like guaranteed if you’re hospitalized or in an accident. Wonoloer Income Shield members also get a 15% discount built in and the first month free. You can pay for Wonoloer Income Shield using your debit or credit card. Your credit card will be charged 30 days after signing up.

Is there a certain amount of Wonolo jobs I have to work to keep the benefit?

No. There is no requirement on how many jobs you need to work for Wonolo. However, your daily income will be calculated based on your 3-month average earnings across all of the apps that you link to Kover.

How do I file a claim?

Simply visit your personal Wonoloer Income Shield dashboard, click “File a Claim”, provide the necessary information, and, once approved, we’ll wire the money within 48 hours. It’s that easy.

Be safe, be healthy, and protect your income today.