Tao of Wonolo

Tao means the “Way of Wonolo”. It’s how we do things here.

We put users first.

We value hard work and celebrate results.

We act as owners and work as teams.

We take calculated risks and prioritize high impact projects.

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

We hold the 5Ps to be self-evident: Punctual, Professional, Prepared, Polite, and Positive.

Culture is the most important thing at Wonolo. It's how we make difficult decisions and commit to them, how we support each other fully when we are down, hold each other to a very high standard, listen to each other, and stand up for what we believe in. That’s our culture.

Yong Kim, Co-Founder and CEO

Life at Wonolo

We work to serve the underserved, and we are built on the strength of our collective community. Diversity empowers our teams to come together and make the best decisions. We are committed to our culture of fostering a sense of belonging to bring our mission to life.

We take your well-being seriously

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