AMP Printing uses Wonolo to save the time they would have spent training new workers.

Julie Eastman

Finishing Project Manager

About AMP Printing

AMP Printing is one of the premier printing businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. With 30 years of industry experience and a high-volume, cutting-edge facility, the AMP Printing team is known for speedily handling large and elaborate print projects and has earned the trust of businesses throughout the area. The company handles everything from design assistance to embossing finished products, whether the project is 250 folders or 100,000 annual reports.

Since 2015, Wonolo has been a highly strategic partner for AMP Printing by providing on-demand staffing services that give their warehouse operations team the flexibility needed to ramp staff up and down as their volume of projects changed. This flexibility has been particularly beneficial when it comes to large special projects with a tight turnaround.

The Challenge

With such large projects to complete for their clients, AMP Printing often needed more staff beyond their core team, which presented a significant resource challenge. “We’re awarded a project with the understanding we have a certain number of days to do that,” Julie Eastman, Finishing Project Manager at AMP Printing, shared. However, the company would frequently have to turn down these tight turnaround projects because of staffing shortages, costing AMP Printing tens of thousands of dollars in revenue every year.

Enter Wonolo

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Incorporating Wonoloers into the warehouse operations at AMP Printing has been transformative for their business. When the AMP Printing team has a high-volume special project with a tight deadline, they have the ability to get workers quickly and increase staff “in the matter of a day,” Julie shared. The Wonoloers are then set out to execute the tasks, and do so efficiently; on the map assembling project, Julie recalls that one Wonoloer worked at double the rate of many of the other workers.

Julie commented, “Wonolo is saving our butts on these jobs. These large ones are being slipped in along with our current workload. We’ll get a big project from a company like Airbnb, who wants to produce thank yous to hosts for renting their homes, and have Wonoloers do it.”

Preferred Wonoloers

Preferred Wonoloers, a Premium Feature available to subscription customers on the Wonolo platform, grants priority access to a company’s favorite Wonoloers for future jobs and gives a company the ability to group these Wonoloers into unique teams.

I have no doubt that we would be able to accept any project with Wonolo’s help. We never want to say no to work. We now no longer have to say no to work ever.

Julie Eastman
AMP Printing

The Benefits

The reliability and hard work of Wonoloers have been instrumental in AMP Printing’s success at large, detail-oriented projects. AMP Printing knows that if there is a high-volume job coming in the next day, they can get someone through the door from Wonolo to help. The AMP Printing team appreciates that working with Wonolo ensures that there will be workers who care and really strive to be their best.

They can rely on the Wonoloers to be able to adapt to changes in the projects, and AMP Printing often uses Wonoloers they have previously worked with to ensure that they will be up to speed on certain tasks. By using Preferred Wonoloers, who have distinguished themselves for their outstanding work ethic, AMP Printing has found that being able to build a relationship with certain Wonoloers has netted them a savings in time that they otherwise would have spent training new workers.

Besides a significant savings in time, AMP Printing has also been able to capture revenue it would have lost by passing on jobs. As Julie shared, “Wonoloers allow us to take on the extra projects we would have had to turn down otherwise so we can get that extra income.”

What’s Next

AMP Printing is looking forward to further growth as a business, as they absorbed another company earlier this year. With this new chapter, AMP Printing sees this as an opportunity to leverage Wonolo more, which will prove to be a lasting, highly beneficial relationship for these two growing, innovative businesses.


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