Flowers for Dreams uses Wonolo on their busiest days of the year: Valentine's day and Mother's day

Joseph D.


About Flowers for Dreams

‘Locally crafted flowers for fair and honest prices.’ This is the business that Flowers for Dreams operates – with a mission to do flowers and to do them the best. Whether it is a one-off bouquet or a huge wedding or event, Flowers for Dreams is what is considered a ‘full-stack’ flower business. From their exclusive grower relationships, to hydration, processing, design, wrapping, hand-written cards, through to delivery, they control the supply chain with in-house operations to insure a fantastic experience for the customer.

And, they do well by doing good. Flowers for Dreams donates 25% of their profits to local charities in each city in which they operate.

The Challenge

Flowers for Dreams has a unique challenge – common to the flower industry – but rarely experienced by others. Two times a year, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, their business sees a dramatic spike. The spike in orders is so great that a 50x increased need in supplies and labor is quite common.

Flowers for Dreams has the forecasting and prep down to a science but the real challenge is labor. How can they ramp up for a one-off spike on Feb 14th only to not need those people again until May for Mother’s Day? This is a challenge that job boards and traditional staffing agencies are not equipped to meet the burden on the internal team at Flowers for Dreams was high. Recruiting hundreds of delivery drivers and operational support for two days of work was a logistical headache and a administrative nightmare.

The Benefits

Wonolo was truly a dream come true for Flowers for Dreams. Joseph rattled off some of the features that his team loved that helped deliver success:

  • The ranking algorithms built into Wonolo ensured that the best people got access to the job. “Even if we hadn’t worked with them before, we could be confident that Wonolo was matching us with the best people.”
  • “The Wonoloer Profiles were great to see what types of experience each worker had and we could use that to organize ahead of time and make sure the Wonoloer was set up for success before they came in. Other staffing agencies just give you a person without any insight into their prior performance. Now we can see, know, and trust the data we have on newcomers to Flowers for Dreams.”
  • “After our first time using Wonolo, we set up our Preferred Wonoloers – our favorite Wonoloers that had worked with us in the past – and would tap into that group first to bring back workers who knew our system and could hit the ground running.”

It all boils down to business results. Joseph smiles when he adds, “I can honestly say, we wouldn’t have had as successful a holiday if it weren’t for Wonolo.”

The Wonolo model allows Flowers for Dreams to not have to outsource any of our process and keep everyone in house, working with regular/trained team members who are focused on providing a product to the Flowers for Dreams standards.

Joseph D.

What’s Next

Flowers for Dreams is reinventing the florist just as Wonolo is reinventing the staffing agency. Their success has led to geographic expansion, as well as moving from strictly an online experience to upcoming brick and mortar storefronts. As they grow the business they’ll continue to leverage Wonolo not only for the spikes in orders, but as a talent pool to build their own permanent team of flower professionals for their blooming business.


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