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Director of Personnel

About LimeLife

You may have never heard of Alcone, but you’ve probably seen their work. They provide much of the makeup for the theatre and film industry, so if you’ve seen anything from the Blue Man Group to the Lion King, you’ve seen Alcone! Recently, Alcone decided to bring the magic from Broadway to the general public, launching LimeLife by Alcone, a consumer skincare and cosmetics company. The brand is growing rapidly in its direct-to-consumer model and finding lots of success through e-commerce sales as well as its thriving channel of Beauty Guides – entrepreneurs who market and sell LimeLife directly. All of the orders from both Beauty Guides and the website are processed through their warehouse outside of New York City. Scott is their Director of Personnel at the warehouse.

The Challenge

Scott manages the warehouse staff, which, depending on demand, fluctuates dramatically day-to-day. In fact, “Some days demand could dictate that we need more than double the size of the workforce compared to the previous day or week”, says Scott. Managing that kind of volatility is challenging for anyone, but especially for a quickly growing company with customers who have high expectations for quality service.

Faced with this volatility, Scott needed a staffing solution that could match him with talent at a moments notice. “With existing staffing partners, the availability of people on short notice was a big problem,” Scott recalls. Despite technological advancements in the warehouse, labor was still the key ingredient to meeting growing demand and traditional staffing agencies weren’t keeping up. Additionally, being a consumer brand, LimeLife had to maintain its strong reputation. Customers demanded same-day shipping, but this was not always possible if the talent wasn’t there to pick and pack. Social media is a huge driver for LimeLifes’s business and Scott wanted to avoid any negative responses from consumers due to a let down in the fulfillment process.

Enter Wonolo

LimeLife heard about Wonolo and decided to give it a try. The way Wonolo builds a community of its Wonoloers was similar to the community-building LimeLife has perfected, in that Wonolo puts a large investment into nurturing its workforce, rewarding and recognizing high achievers, and making “Wonoloing” a new way of life. Additionally, Scott could see how technology and data would drive a more productive workforce, and with 20,000+ Wonoloers in the tri-state area, Scott could feel sure that his jobs would be filled.

The Benefits

“I was amazed by Wonolo – I would post jobs and they were often filled in a matter of minutes.” But for Scott, fill rate was table stakes. He needed workers to fit into the culture of Alcone. They not only needed to be reliable, trustworthy, and hard working, but also had to want to be at LimeLife. Scott found Wonoloers fit that bill.

Scott says, “The best feature for me are Preferred Wonoloers. I have a core group of workers that have really excelled and I continue to add to that team when new Wonoloers impress me.” The Preferred Wonoloer feature allows Scott to curate his favorite Wonoloers and give them priority access to jobs before other qualified Wonoloers receive access. In fact, LimeLife was so impressed by the talent on Wonolo that they have since dropped their other traditional agencies and rely solely on Wonolo now. “Everytime I would ask for workers to the traditional agencies, I would get the sales pitch asking me to keep people longer or bring in more people. I was tired with saying, ‘Nope, we’re good’ all the time. Wonolo gives me the flexibility without any of the headaches I dealt with using the other agencies.”

Wonoloers are reliable, they have the right experience, and the biggest draw is that they are self-selecting the jobs they want. People who buy into our family culture make the decision to pick up our jobs on Wonolo and work with us.


What’s Next

LimeLife continues to grow and exceed the company’s own expectations. Soon the company will answer one of their customers’ biggest requests – international shipping – which will be an exciting challenge for Scott and his logistics team. Scott also mentioned LimeLife is very excited to use Wonolo for more direct hires in the future. He has been so impressed with the talent that he expects much of his hiring to come through the try-before-you-hire method on Wonolo, which Scott recently discovered is significantly more cost effective than the exorbitant placement fees he was facing at the traditional players.


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