Smart Warehousing uses Wonolo to revamp their people operations.

Riley Trowbridge

HR Coordinator

About Smart Warehousing

Smart Warehousing is a warehousing and fulfilment services company (otherwise known as a Third Party Logistics Company, or 3PL) headquartered in Kansas City with locations throughout North America. Born in the early 2000s, Smart Warehousing has quickly become one of the nation’s leading 3PLs because of their exceptional customer service and innovative approach leveraging technology.

Today, their proprietary software, SWIMS, gives customers an unparalleled level of transparency and control over their inventory, and it is this forward thinking approach that has allowed them to grow their business organically, entirely by word-of-mouth, to this day.

Smart Warehousing is able to handle all sorts of customers as they cover multiple verticals, through cross dock, rail and ramp access, food grade, climate-controlled, and USDA/FDA certifications.

The Challenge

Smart Warehousing recently revamped their people operations, moving from a localized, warehouse-to-warehouse specific operation to a centrally managed HR system. This led to simplified vendor management and cost savings, as well as opened up the warehouse operations teams to focus on delivering great customer value. Riley, HR Coordinator at HQ, is now responsible for talent, both permanent hires and temporary labor, in 14 of Smart’s locations. In this centralized role, Riley had a number of challenges.

First, Smart Warehousing needed to move from a highly fragmented pool of local staffing agencies to a few national solutions that would be able to reliably solve problems across facilities.

Second, Smart Warehousing was looking for like minded partners – customer service oriented solutions that would be able to deliver the type of talent that was required for their fast paced, frequently changing environment. The partners would also need to be able to deal with unpredictability to help Smart Warehousing exceed customers’ expectations.

Third, Smart Warehousing didn’t want to forever rely on temp solutions but rather use temp staff as a try-before-you-hire platform to bring in the top talent as permanent Smart employees. Riley had found that many existing partners weren’t aligned to permanent placement and had unreasonable placement terms.

We finally have flexibility in our staffing. When we have open positions, I have the power to go into Wonolo and set the job. There is a very fast response time from Wonoloers. And I have full transparency and control over that job so I know what is happening real time.

Riley Trowbridge
Riley Trowbridge

Enter Wonolo

This transition of talent management from local warehouse managers to Riley at HQ was the perfect opportunity for a partnership between Smart Warehousing and Wonolo. Riley immediately fell in love with the flexibility that Wonolo provided.

“With traditional staffing agencies I need to send an email request, get acknowledgement of the request, they then source talent, and then send in the candidates who often don’t meet our qualifications,” says Riley. The lack of urgency and transparency with traditional staffing agencies versus Wonolo’s quick and clear platforms (available on both web and mobile) is night and day.

Additionally, given that both Wonolo and Smart Warehousing are led by data-driven platforms, Riley appreciated the like minded approach towards thinking innovatively on how to provide the greatest value to their customers.

Wonolo for Every Role

available for every Smart warehouse

HQ Admin

  • – advanced analytics & usage reporting
  • – seamlessly add users with customized roles
  • – export transaction reports; see savings

Regional Managers

  • – customize job requests
  • – region specific analytics & usage reporting
  • – gain feedback on facility managers/shift leads

Facility Managers (Requestors)

  • – customize workforces & teams
  • – eliminate stafing pain
  • – shift details via Wonolo Mobile App
avg. rating of Wonoloer
Q4 ll rate
attendance rate

The Benefits

The ability to skip the middleman and have direct access to posting job requests on Wonolo has been a game changer for Smart Warehousing. Today, all posting is controlled by the central HQ team while the local warehousing managers have access to see who is coming, what sort of experience, performance, and qualifications they have, and the ability to rate and leave feedback or adjust pay at the end of the day. They can access this from their workstation or on the go from the Wonolo mobile app.

This creates another benefit – everyone at Smart Warehousing is on the same page, from Riley at HQ to the warehouse manager to floor supervisors to procurement or accounting. There are no questions as to what is happening, how much is being spent, or how Wonoloers are performing.

Riley also loves how easy it is to find talent and groom them into full time members of the Smart Warehousing team. A qualified Wonoloer accepts her job, the warehouse manager rates them 5 stars and makes them a “Preferred Wonoloer” to invite them back for additional shifts, and an offer is extended. Wonolo’s easy placement process and low fees make this a no-brainer for Smart Warehousing. Riley goes on, “Hiring Wonoloers has been great. It is cheap to convert and we don’t need to clear any number of hours. Typically after a month or so we are sure of the candidate and make the offer.”

One unexpected bene t is that because Wonolo is so easy to work with, Smart Warehousing requires less manpower to acquire temp staff and work with staffing partners due to the centrally managed nature of the platform. Gone are the days of dealing with multiple managers in multiple locations to find people across Smart Warehousing’s nationwide system.

Finally, as with many 3PL providers, there is always a level of unpredictability in the business, whether a shipping container comes in late or a client’s orders spike overnight. The peace of mind that Wonolo can move as fast as Smart Warehousing needs it to is not only priceless, but also crucial to delivering the industry-leading customer experience that clients have come to expect.

What’s Next

Smart Warehousing lives by the motto that whatever the customer needs is what they do. That means there are big expansion plans in the future, not just in warehousing locations but in building an even stronger and more valuable tech stack that further improves the customer experience. Rileys adds, “We plan to expand and grow together with Wonolo. Technology is what drives us both and I’m excited to see how this partnership can flourish.”


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