Thistle uses Wonolo to put together a more reliable workforce.

Helen Lee

Senior Operations Manager

About Thistle

Thistle believes eating delicious is crucial to a healthy diet. As a fast-growing wellness company delivering nourishment to health-conscious but time constrained consumers, Thistle is creating healthy, delicious food that is convenient and affordable. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack – Thistle has a solution for all those looking for delicious and nutritious meals.

The Challenge

Thistle is delivering perishable products which means the production side of the business is always busy and faces daily challenges in keeping up with the growth.

Helen Lee, the Senior Operations Manager at Thistle, is responsible for the company’s production, fulfillment, and delivery operations. Her biggest challenge to keep up with growth is finding workers.

Helen tried job boards. She tried outsourcing delivery. She tried incentive programs. Each had varying levels of success, but “the sheer amount of time it takes can be overwhelming to manage.” says Helen, “and you take a real gamble on the level of performance when recruiting from job boards like ”Craigslist.”

You can’t source someone new in less than 12 hours from a job board. When growth went from stable to rocketship, we needed help sourcing, hiring, and onboarding to keep up.

Helen Lee

Enter Wonolo

When the team at Thistle heard about Wonolo, it seemed too good to be true. The idea that Wonoloers had fact-based profiles that displayed data on type of work and performance ratings was amazing. “Every Wonoloer had not only been vetted by Wonolo, but even more accurately, been rated by other companies for whom they completed similar jobs was a game-changer.” says Helen.

The team at Thistle saw an immediate opportunity for delivery drivers. Helen’s experience was this role had the the most unpredictability and was the most challenging to recruit for.

The Benefits

Thanks to Wonolo’s platform, Thistle has been able to keep up with demand by augmenting their in-house team with Wonoloers. Since the first job in 2015, Thistle has used Wonolo for thousands of jobs across Northern and Southern California for delivery, production, fulfillment, events, and administrative work. But more importantly, Wonolo has helped Helen put together a more reliable workforce. Helen comments, “Overall, Wonoloers have been much better than Craigslist.”

Because of the ease and strong performance of Wonoloers, Thistle enjoys the ability to try-before-you-hire with Wonolo. “Instead of that frustrating job board process, we can offer the best performers positions on the team.”

Traditional recruiting methods were really a crapshoot. You might get lucky, but I’d have to wade through a lot and deal with a lot of unreliability in these tools and people. As we grow, I would have to hire someone full time just to manage sourcing. But with Wonolo, the ease in getting people, specifically on short notice, with minimal effort, is great.

Helen Lee

What’s Next

Thistle is expanding its geographic reach so that eating healthy will get a whole lot easier for all. And with that expansion comes new production and fulfillment facilities. Thistle plans to grow with Wonolo and take advantage of the ease and convenience of finding the right talent for the job wherever that job may be.


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