Data Entry: Job Description Template

This data entry clerk job description template is perfect for posting in online job boards to attract the highest volume of candidates. It is easily customizable for any business’ needs and incorporates all necessary skills and responsibilities for a position in data entry.

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How much do data entry clerks make?

The average wage for a data entry clerk is $12.76/hour but definitely varies due to location and experience, and can be up to about $15/hour. This adds up to anywhere from $20,000 to about $34,000 annually.

Education Requirements

Data entry clerks are usually required to have a high school diploma. Many businesses will also require previous experience working in data entry, as well as proficiency with typing and the ability to type very quickly and accurately.

Data Entry Clerk Job Brief

We are looking for a skilled and technical data entry clerk to help manage and organize large amounts of information for our company with the goal of having more ordered and easily updated information and data for the company’s use and archives. Responsibilities include inserting, managing, and storing data in an effective and organized manner.

So, what does a data entry clerk do?

List of data entry duties:

    • Compile and sort customer and company information into a database
  • Keep organized archives of data from customers and internal company members
  • Review data for any technical or organizational errors
  • Generate some reports and analyses based on information acquired
  • Maintain data confidentiality

List of data entry skills:

  • Prior experience working in data entry
  • Ability to type quickly with great accuracy
  • Familiarity with data entry computer programs
  • Excellent technical eye
  • High school diploma

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