The challenge

Find a better staffing solution for fluctuating warehouse needs that scale up or down every day.

The result

  • Fill rate dropped to a few minutes
  • Found team of preferred workers
  • Able to seamlessly scale with demand

LimeLife by Alcone is a consumer skincare and cosmetics company that brings its background in stage makeup for the likes of the Blue Man Group and other Broadway productions to the general public. The brand is growing rapidly and processing all of its orders from a warehouse outside New York City.

“Some days demand could dictate that we need more than double the size of the workforce compared to the previous day or week,” said Director of Personnel Scott, who manages the warehouse staff. Handling that kind of volatility is challenging for a growing company with customers who have high expectations for quality service.

Scott needed a staffing solution that could match him with talent at a moment’s notice. “I was amazed by Wonolo. I would post jobs and they were often filled in a matter of minutes,” he said. But the fill rate was table stakes. LimeLife needed workers to fit into the culture. Wonolo’s focus on building community appealed to LimeLife, which also invests in nurturing workers, and rewarding and recognizing high achievers.

The platform’s “Preferred Wonoloer” feature allowed Scott to curate his favorite Wonoloers and give them priority access to jobs. In fact, LimeLife was so impressed by the talent on Wonolo that they have since dropped their other traditional agencies and rely solely on Wonolo now. Scott also mentioned LimeLife is very excited to use Wonolo for more direct hires in the future.


minutes time to fill jobs


fluctuation in daily demand


satisfaction with Wonolo

“The best feature for me are Preferred Wonoloers. I have a core group of workers that have really excelled and I continue to add to that team when new Wonoloers impress me.”

Director of Personnel