The challenge

ScriptDrop needed reliable, temporary workers to keep up with the growing demand for prescription delivery nationwide.

The result

  • Savings of over $90k in three months versus traditional hiring methods
  • Ability to launch in 5 new metro areas with Wonolo’s help
  • Increased daily jobs with Wonolo by 6x
  • 80% of posted jobs were covered despite being in remote locations

ScriptDrop is a healthcare technology company offering medication access opportunities to pharmacies, health systems, and telehealth companies across the US. By providing a robust and user-friendly platform, multiple service levels, and first-class customer service, ScriptDrop makes it easy for pharmacies to connect with patients.

As COVID-19 spread across the country in early 2020, ScriptDrop saw increased demand for prescription delivery. After enlisting multiple staffing solutions, they realized they needed an all-in-one solution – an easy way to identify & bring back reliable, repeat temporary workers that was less labor-intensive, more cost-effective, and provided enough flexibility to fulfill last-minute needs.

Wonolo solved these pain points by connecting ScriptDrop with a community of local workers who helped bring prescription delivery into areas where it was difficult to source traditional courier coverage. With Wonolo, ScriptDrop could easily engage with the same workers for recurring jobs, which many pharmacy partners prefer.


savings against other methods


increase in daily job volume with Wonolo


coverage of posted jobs in remote locations

“The workers on Wonolo are dedicated, and the ability to have repeat daily workers sets them apart from competitors. Our pharmacy partners like consistency, and seeing the same person return builds their trust in our brand.