The challenge

Find a reliable pipeline for temp workers as labor needs scale with business growth.

The result

  • Kept up with customer demand
  • Streamlined temp worker sourcing
  • Reduced operational burdens of staffing

Thistle believes eating delicious is crucial to a healthy diet. As a fast-growing wellness company delivering nourishment to health-conscious but time-constrained consumers, Thistle is creating healthy, delicious food that is convenient and affordable.

Producing and delivering perishables daily requires a lot of labor that is hard to source reliably. Helen Lee, Thistle’s senior operations manager, looked to Wonolo to find enough workers to keep up with growth. Since 2015, the company has used thousands of Wonoloers in Northern and Southern California.

Helen tried job boards. She tried outsourcing delivery. She tried incentive programs. Each had varying levels of success, but “the sheer amount of time it takes can be overwhelming to manage,” Helen said. “And you take a real gamble on the level of performance when recruiting from job boards like Craigslist.”

Wonolo turned that gamble into a sure thing. Thistle plans to continue growing with Wonolo and take advantage of the ease and convenience of finding the right talent for the job wherever that job may be.


hours job fill lead time


jobs filled with Wonolo


year started using Wonolo

You can’t source someone new in less than 12 hours from a job board. When growth went from stable to rocketship, we needed help sourcing, hiring, and onboarding to keep up.

Helen Lee
Senior Operations Manager