The challenge

Scale temp workers during the holiday peak season in a competitive environment.

The result

  • Fulfilled customer orders on time
  • Boosted job fill rate
  • Created opportunities for growth

Tipsy Elves has quickly grown from an ugly Christmas sweater company to the premier “Fun Apparel” fashion icon, with new lines available year round. If the name sounds familiar, you might remember them from a 2013 “Shark Tank” episode during which Robert Herjavec made an investment in the company.

During peak seasons, Tipsy Elves gets 10X the orders and struggles to find flexible labor to manage these spikes. Wonolo was instrumental in helping the company fulfill holiday orders and grow.

Before working with Wonolo, Tipsy Elves only got 25% of their open positions filled and orders weren’t delivered to customers on time. “The 3PL and the temp agencies couldn’t fulfill our orders and when we pressed them, they would just shrug their shoulders,” said Andrew, head of operations. He vowed to never let that happen again and with Wonolo it didn’t.

“The ratings system has been great,” Andrew said. “The ability to see a Wonoloer’s prior performance, have repercussions for poor performance, and incentives to perform well are completely different than some no-responsibility temp agencies we worked with in the past.”

With a reliable source for temp workers to scale up or down with finally in tact, Tipsy Elves has big plans to grow.


hour time to fill jobs


order fulfillment with Wonolo


fill rate before Wonolo

Through my days as an operation consultant I remembered hearing great things about Wonolo and decided to give it a try. I posted the jobs and within an hour, all the positions were filled.

Gavin S. 
Customer Experience and Fulfillment Manager