The challenge

Affordably staff events in different cities with local workers who possessed the right skills.

The result

  • Improved team morale
  • Made finding extra workers simple
  • Reduced operational inefficiencies

Techweek is a weeklong festival for entrepreneurs, tech visionaries, and thought leaders to meet and enable the innovation ecosystem in cities across the U.S. and beyond. With locations currently including Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Miami, New York, Havana and Toronto, Techweek curates compelling programming that casts a global spotlight on each community and its leaders.

Wonolo helped Techweek when it found itself short-staffed due to volunteers dropping off at the last minute. This problem came front and center at 3 a.m. the morning before Techweek New York, when COO and General Counsel Chris Bordeaux and his team were concerned about not having enough day-of staff.

In came Wonolo to save the day. Techweek was immediately impressed with the quality and caliber of Wonolo’s temp workers, who worked alongside its year-round team.

“What we love about the Wonoloers we bring onsite is how driven they are,” Chris said. “They’re always reporting back when there’s more to do. Wonoloers have a strong and firm understanding that they’re there to work. They’re very diligent in executing responsibilities and have a clear understanding of what to do.”


average fill rate

1.5 min

average fill time


customer satisfaction

It was great knowing that at any moment, when an unknown came up, I could shine the Bat-Signal and have as many Wonoloers as I needed.

Chris Bordeaux
Chief Operating Officer, Techweek