The challenge

Find a trusted worker pool to quickly tap into based on customer demand.

The result

  • Scaled temp labor to meet demand
  • Confidence to take on more customers
  • Wide pool of Preferred Wonoloers

AVID Logistics believes that 3PLs (third party logistics companies) are limited by their “cookie-cutter approach.” Traditional 3PLs try to apply the same fulfillment model to every company regardless of their needs. AVID set out to make logistics sexy. They flipped the traditional 3PL model on its head when they launched with a fully custom solution for each customer.

When AVID first heard of Wonolo’s presence in the staffing space, Lyft’s presence in the taxi space immediately came to mind. “The technology-driven approach to staffing really matched our culture and I could immediately see the benefits as we both work on disrupting our respective industries,” said CEO Patrick Graves. He began bringing in Wonoloers for warehouse jobs doing picking and packing, kitting, assembly, and pallet racking.

AVID works with a lot of customers whose demands ebb and flow. AVID uses Wonolo to supplement permanent staff when there is a need to increase production without the cost of idle hands waiting for the next order. AVID just posts the job and Wonolo’s Match & Dispatch system connects AVID Logistics to the best-fit Wonoloers in the pool of tens of thousands of pre-vetted Wonoloers, so when the Wonoloers show up, they get straight to work.


size of new facility


types of warehouse jobs


satisfaction with Preferred Wonoloers

In the past I was too hesitant with traditional temp agencies. I may not get the 30 people I need, and even if I do, I can’t trust that they will deliver the experience our customers expect.

Patrick Graves