The challenge

Get workers in the door in a consistent way that reduces time spent on training.

The result

  • High fill rate and short time to fill
  • Streamlined onboarding
  • Thousands of jobs posted

The company brings its customers the latest Korean beauty innovations with full-sized products and limited edition box sets, including its own line of products under the brands I’m Meme, Bon Vivant, and Nooni. Fulfilling orders across all these brands in a rapid eCommerce environment requires flexible workers at the ready.

Wonolo helped Memebox fulfill demand faster by providing a staffing solution that was far more efficient than traditional staffing agencies. With Wonolo, there’s very little lead time between posting a job and getting a worker to the jobsite.

Adding Wonoloers to the daily operations of Memebox’s warehouse was a very turnkey approach. On a typical day, a Wonoloer got briefed on what to do and received a quick orientation that included an introduction to the company, along with technical details of the job, such as being walked through the shelf numbers and how to ensure order quality. Wonoloers were given specific tasks, and following this orientation, they simply jumped right into the work.

The relationship with Wonolo even inspired the company to revisit its onboarding process for the company as a whole. “Working with Wonolo has made us more thoughtful in terms of how we onboard people,” said Minnie Fong, head of eCommerce operations. “We have a training manual and try to make the training as informative as possible. We’ve changed this as a result of relying heavily on Wonolo.


jobs posted


average fill rate


minutes average time to fill

Working with Wonolo has allowed us to be flexible as our business has grown by leaps and bounds. We can now grow faster because we can fulfill our demand.

Minnie Fong
Head of eCommerce Operations