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Farm Laborer / Farm Hand

Performs routine tasks involving the care of animals and crop cultivation. Delivers Feed. Milks Cows. Perform duties of crop production. Can include, soil preparation, planting, spraying, harvesting, storing. Maintains and operates farm equipment.

Fruit / Produce Technician

Checks the quality of fruit, assists inventory inspections peels and pulps produce at loading if necessary. Keep an organized log of inspections for both conventional and organic products with their corresponding hygiene procedures. Document with photos any fruit/produce defects.

Food Product Processor

Assembles and prepares ingredients and materials for producing the food item. Operates and controls the food item production equipment. Tests, monitors and regulates the production. Completes accurate accounting and recording of the food product. Returns materials and finished product to storage areas.Completes sanitation and sanitizing procedures.

Food Production Line Attendant

Performs various assembly and packaging tasks in the processing of foods. Unpacks raw materials; mixes ingredients; assembles product and packs finished goods. Ensures that all food products meet company and government quality standards. Inspects products; keeps a straight product flow along conveyors.

Food Packer / Food Packaging Technician

Follows process and workflow to put food in containers. Operates food packaging equipment. Completes required quality checks, data verification. Seals and labels accordingly.

Food Service Worker

Builds food items according to directions. Sets up, cleans, and sanitizes work stations. Serves food to customers while ensuring guest satisfaction. Anticipates customers’ needs. Replenishes food items and ensures product is stocked to appropriate levels.


Ensures guest satisfaction by maintaining all dishes, pots, pans, silverware, glasses, equipment, and kitchen utensils pristine and sanitized. Maintains dishwashing station, three compartment sink and related areas cleaned. Keeps equipment clean and in working condition at all times.

Quick-Service Restaurant Crew / Team Member

Greets customers with a smile. Takes accurate food orders. Prepares food orders. Maintains restaurant cleanliness. Ensures customer supplies (napkins, condiments etc) are well stocked.

Food Server / Waiter

Takes food or beverages orders from guests. Write guests’ food orders on order slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff. Serve foods or beverages to guests, Ensures guests are satisfied with the food and service, and responds promptly and graciously to any guest request or concerns. Prepare checks that itemize and total meal costs and sales taxes. Collects payments.


Operates a cash register. Ring up our customers’ orders. Tenders multiple forms of payment. Ensures a friendly, efficient checkout process and customer experience. Interacts with a high-volume of customers in a fast- paced environment.

Examples of Customers Using Wonolo for their Warehouse Staffing

Crestone Group uses Wonolo to source bread makers

The LSG Group uses Wonolo to find diswashers and warehouse operations tasks

Siren Snacks leverages Wonolo to fill their food packaging jobs

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