General Labor: Job Description Template

This job description for general labor is ideal for any type of online job board, as it is broad and can easily be altered to fit any company’s needs. The description incorporates the necessary skills of a labor worker as well as general labor duties and responsibilities.

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How much do general laborers make?

The average wage for general labor is $13.79/hour but can get all the way up to around $20/hour. This adds up to an annual salary of around $30,000. The wage varies by experience, but laborers in this field generally don’t have more than 20 years of experience.

Education Requirements

A high school diploma is usually required for general labor positions. Companies will often require that laborers have previous experience in the field.

General Labor Job Brief

We are accepting applications for a general labor position to help handle various jobs in our company day-to-day. The job responsibilities include assisting with hands-on physical labor and operation of machinery with the goal of streamlining company production and the upkeep of customer happiness.

So, what does a general laborer do?

List of general labor responsibilities:

    • Load and unload materials onsite
    • Adhere to company rules and regulations
    • Maintain a tidy and safe workspace
  • Clearly and respectfully communicate with supervisors and coworkers

General laborer skill list:

  • Experience in the general labor field
  • Great communication skills
  • Ability to lift heavy objects
  • High school degree
  • Timeliness and organizational skills

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