Line Cook: Job Description Template

This line cook job description is great for any kind of online job board to attract the greatest possible number of candidates and is easily altered to fit all kinds of companies’ needs. It includes all duties and skills associated with the position of a line cook.

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How much do line cooks make?

Line cooks make, on average, about $10/hour but this figure varies by company and can be up to $15 or $16 hourly. Annually, this adds up to about $22,000 to $30,000.

Education requirements

Most restaurants require their line cooks to have a culinary school diploma as well as a regular high school diploma. Experience cooking in a professional setting is also usually another requirement.

Line cook job brief

We are looking for a skilled and experienced line cook to assist with food preparation in our kitchen and adhere exactly to the chef’s instructions and recommendations. The goal is to increase customer satisfaction and kitchen efficiency. Responsibilities include preparing and stocking cooking stations, preparing much of the food, and follow instructions from the more senior chefs.

So, what does a line cook do?

Line cook responsibilities:

  • Prepare and organize cooking stations in the kitchen for yourself and other chefs
  • Cook the menu items that senior chefs assign to you
  • Complete presentation of dishes to be sent to restaurant patrons
  • Cooperate with other kitchen staff, especially chefs
  • Ensure that dishes are timed correctly for parties of restaurant patrons
  • Comply with health and sanitation guidelines

Line cook necessary skills:

  • Experience cooking in a professional environment
  • Comprehension of a variety of cooking techniques and understanding of chef’s culinary requirements
  • Familiarity with best line cook practices
  • Great communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Culinary school degree is a plus

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