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Meet Brandye
Meet Brandye

“With the flexibility I had working jobs posted on Wonolo, I was able to reach my goal of going from an LVN (licensed vocational nurse) to an RN (registered nurse). This was a long-term goal of mine that I had wanted to achieve for some time… Up until now, I’ve filled my week by working jobs I find through Wonolo. I love that I now have the option to do both RN work as well as pick up a job on Wonolo if I’d like to.”

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Dallas, Texas Staffing Made Simple

Of course, Dallas is known for The Cowboys and The Rangers, exceptional exhibitions of the arts and theater, and delicious Tex Mex and BBQ. But more than that, it’s the trucking and distribution center of the Southwest and the third-largest area of Fortune 500 companies in the nation. It’s full of big businesses and high-quality workers. The kind of professional, experienced, and efficient workers that you’ll find through Wonolo to help meet the demands of your business and provide a scalable solution to your staffing needs.

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Better Than Staffing

Wonolo offers additional features tailored to the needs of your business, including:

  • Local operations team

  • Real-time job insights, including into Wonoloer attendance

  • Connecting Wonoloers to transportation options to your jobs

  • Drug screening facilitation

  • In-person COVID-19 testing options

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Figures from the past year in Dallas show there are plenty of high-quality workers on our platform looking for opportunities with businesses just like yours. Wonolo can help your business scale by connecting you in real-time to available, experienced workers interested in completing the jobs you need to fill.

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Need some extra cash? How about trying out food jobs in Dallas, TX. If you’re a hard worker, cleaning jobs in Dallas, TX are consistently in high demand. Want to try something new? Have a look at general labor jobs in Dallas, TX to pick up a new skill. These are only some of the jobs businesses make available on the Wonolo app!

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More Than Just Gig Work

Wonolo offers more to help you along your path of work, including:

  • Access to Jobs Offering a Living Wage

  • Access to Occupational Accident Insurance

  • Cash Reward Incentives

  • Special Perks and Discount

  • 24/7 Support, with extended phone support for the Dallas-Fort Worth area

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