Merchandising Staff

Industries with Merchandising Operations

Retail Stores

Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

Consumer Good Manufacturers

Merchandising Agencies

Merchandising Staff

In-Store Merchandisers / Merchandise Stocker / Store Clerks

Stocks shelves and racks with goods. Arranges merchandise displays to attract customers. Understands all products available for purchase and be able to recommend, guide customers. Ensures that the right amount of goods are available in the store. Replenishes and stores goods in the store’s backroom or warehouse. Keps the shelves and reorders merchandise when supplies run low.

Manufacturer Merchandisers

Builds customer relationships at the store level. Monitors inventory levels. Monitors accuracy of price tags. Creates attractive sales floor displays. Displays promotional material such as signs and banners in customer accounts. Keeps customer back room stock in neat and orderly condition

Merchandisers at Merchandising Services Agencies

Conducts merchandise reset. Performs duties such as moving and cleaning shelves, installing new racks and shelves, displaying merchandise properly, placing shelf strips and attaching tags properly, checking date codes and planogram integrity, and processing packouts, restocks and reorders as necessary. Partners with store personnel and co-workers to achieve and maintain merchandising excellence, discuss changes, and build an effective working relationship.

Brand Ambassador

Provides consumers with information and facts regarding the company’s products.Distributes brochures, coupons, samples and any other promotion material. Set up the promotional stand, keeps it orderly. Interacts with potential prospects. Keeps an upbeat and positive attitude.

Examples of Customers Using Wonolo for their Merchandising

Sports Basesment uses Wonolo to source store associates

Coca Cola leverages Wonolo to find merchandisers on short notice

Driveline Retail Merchandising leverages Wonolo to fill their part time merchansing openings

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