Prep Cook: Job Description Template

This prep cook job description is easily altered to fit any company needs and is ideal for posting in online job boards and sites. It details the skills needed for prep cooks and the responsibilities that come along with the position.

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How much do prep cooks make?

The average salary for prep cooks is $9.96/hour but varies slightly based on experience. Annual pay is about $23,000 on average but can reach up to $30,000.

Education requirements

Most restaurants will require their prep cooks to have a high school diploma. Training from culinary school will be an important asset in many restaurants depending on the level of restaurant. Previous prep-cooking experience is also often a prerequisite.

Pre cook job brief

We are looking for a prep cook to assist with the preparation of our many delectable dishes in our kitchen. Responsibilities include setting up cooking spaces for more senior chefs as well as assisting in ingredient preparation for recipes. Our goal is to make the cooking process in our kitchen more efficient while maintaining the excellent quality and taste of our food.

So, what does a prep cook do?

List of prep cook responsibilities:

  • Prepare work stations and ingredients for chefs according to instructions
  • Maintain a clean kitchen space for other kitchen staff
  • Prepare simple items including salads, sauces, some entrees
  • Comply with kitchen health and sanitation guidelines

Prep cook necessary skills:

  • Knowledge of basic cooking techniques
  • Compliance with other restaurant staff, especially more senior chefs
  • Experience working as a prep cook
  • Great communication skills
  • Superior organizational skills
  • Good at working under pressure
  • High school diploma

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