Receptionist: Job Description Template

This template for a receptionist job description is great for use on online job boards to attract a large pool of applicants. It is formatted in a way that is easily changed due to any company’s needs and it includes all responsibilities and necessary skills associated with a receptionist position.

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How much do receceptionists make?

Receptionists can make anywhere from $9 to $27 hourly; it varies heavily depending on the type of company the receptionist works at. This adds up to $18,000 to about $42,000 annually.

Education Requirements

Most businesses require their receptionists to have a high school diploma; only very certain companies will require any level of higher education. Many companies will also require prior experience working in a receptionist position.

Receptionist Job Brief

We are looking for a receptionist to be the face of our company at the front of our office and present a pleasant first company interaction for visitors. Our goal is to create a professional and polite professional ambiance and ensure that the flow of people in and out of our office is handled in an organized manner. Responsibilities include greeting and dealing with visitors, handling business phone calls, and perform other clerical duties.

So, what does a receptionist do?

List of receptionist duties:

  • Welcome and direct visitors into company office
  • Help maintain office security by announcing visitors and confirming their visiting reasons
  • Answer and screen business phone calls
  • Handle office deliveries
  • Other clerical duties including printing, copying, faxing

Receptionist necessary requirements:

  • Experience working in a clerical or receptionist setting
  • Professional and put-together appearance
  • Ability to think on the spot with any issues that may arise
  • Great organizational skills
  • Proficiency with clerical software like Microsoft Office
  • High school diploma

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