Wonolo Temporary Staffing Solutions: Fill Your Positions with Talented People Who are Prepared to Work

HR and operations managers know how difficult it is to find talented workers to fill temporary positions quickly. Some traditional staffing agencies take days or weeks to fill positions, and the people who show up to work often are unprepared to begin work and add value immediately. Productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction suffer when your staffing solutions are not the best available.

That’s where Wonolo comes in. Our on-demand staffing platform connects your job with thousands of pre-screened workers who are ready to accept your job in minutes. With Wonolo, you can fill your temporary positions with talented people who are prepared to work and exceed your highest expectations.

Wonolo Staffing Solutions

Wonolo is a better, more cost-effective on-demand labor source compared to traditional temporary staffing solutions. Plus, our average time-to-fill and fill rate are faster than those of traditional options. Our community of talented Wonoloers is more than 30,000 strong, and you can rest assured that they will do the job well because they have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5, awarded based on feedback from businesses like you. Wonolo offers a range of different staffing solutions including:

Wonolo’s Temporary Staffing Solution is Cost Effective

Securing temp workers through Wonolo costs a fraction of the total costs involved with securing talent, training and managing workers, and handling the administrative overhead through average temporary workforce platforms. In fact, on-demand staffing costs 40% less. Wonolo also saves you money because:

  • Operations and HR managers will not spend time posting openings on multiple job sites, screening applicants, or contacting several staffing agencies
  • Our algorithm automatically ranks and notifies as many as 30,000 vetted Wonolors for your job
  • Thousands of pre-screened workers are prepared to accept your job in minutes
  • HR managers save time because Wonolo is built for business; our on-demand platform has HR and legal compliance built in
  • No upfront costs
  • Requesting Wonoloers is free of charge
  • Pay a small fee when a job is completed successfully
  • Save on payroll: Wonolo handles all payroll paperwork
  • Wonolo handles payment, insurance, and vetting

Source the Most Qualified Temp Staffers Fast with Wonolo

If your HR and operations managers spend days filling positions, your organization is not running efficiently or productively. Wonolo saves you time with our fast time-to-fill rates, simple job request process, and other time-saving features including:

  • Average time-to-fill is 4 minutes rather than the days or weeks many temporary and contract staffing companies take
  • Request a Wonoloer in three simple steps: fill out a short job description, set the hours and pay, and wait a few minutes for a worker to accept the job.
  • Wonolo’s average fill rate is 90% as opposed to temporary and contract staffing companies’ 34% fill rate.
  • We encourage you to find workers looking for temp to perm opportunities. (To read more about terms, head to the: customer agreement.)

Wonolo’s on-demand platform is the ideal temporary staffing solution for managing staffing unpredictability and augmenting your existing workforce easily, quickly, and inexpensively.

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Last updated: 03/10/2017


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