Waiter and Waitress: Job Description Template

This waitress / waiter job description template is perfect for use on online job boards and is easily changed to fit any company’s hiring needs. It incorporates the skills usually required for a waiter or waitress position and the responsibilities that come along with the position.

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How much do waiters and waitresses make?

Average pay for a waiter or waitress is $5.01/hour, which adds up to about $25,000 annually. However, this does not include tips, which make up much of the salary of wait staff; with tips, waiters and waitresses can make up to $30/hour (depending on experience and level of restaurant they are working in).

Education Requirements

Most restaurants require that members of their wait staff have a high school diploma. Depending on the type and level of restaurant, prior experience in food-serving will be a prerequisite as well.

Waiter/Waitress Job Brief

We are looking to add experienced new members to our restaurant wait staff to take customers’ orders and deliver them food and beverages in a timely and polite manner. Job responsibilities include providing excellent customer service, cooperating with other servers and kitchen staff, and ensuring the orders are accurate. Ultimately, our goal is to better the customer’s experience at our establishment.

So, what does a waiter or waitress do?

List of waiter or waitress responsibilities:

  • Provide superior customer service and ensure their orders are taken down correctly
  • Comply with all restaurant health and safety regulations
  • Prepare and clean tables for incoming patrons
    • Familiarity with restaurant menu to provide recommendations
  • Respectfully collect payment from customers

Waiter / Waitress necessary skills:

  • Experience working as a waiter or waitress
  • On-the-fly problem-solving skills
  • Great communication ability
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Timeliness and organizational skills
  • Experience working with a cash register
  • High school diploma

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