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Warehouse Staff

Warehouse Loader / Unloader

The Warehouse Loader/Unloader is primarily responsible for moving trucks, trailers, and roll offs to and from the loading docks, loading and unloading containers, while ensuring unloading and loading are completed properly and accurately and in a safe, secure, and productive manner.

Warehouse Order Picker

The Warehouse Order Picker efficiently picks customer orders for shipment, ensuring that the correct number and type of product is loaded and shipped. The Warehouse Order Picker assembles various types of merchandise for shipment, carries or transports orders to shipping locations or staging areas with material handling equipment.

Warehouse Shipping and Receiving Associate / Clerk

The Warehouse Shipping and Receiving Associate assists the warehouse management to ensure that all shipments are coded and identified, stored and preserved from elements/damage, coordinate with logistics team to ensure that terms and conditions, return/exchange policies, and damage/ replacement matters on all orders are handled in a timely and effective manner.

Warehouse Fulfillment Specialist / Associate

Primary responsibilities include picking, packing and stocking within a warehouse, maintaining the uninterrupted flow of a production line, monitoring inventory, keeping the warehouse clear, ensuring any potential hazards are dealt with quickly.

Warehouse Material Handler

Material Handlers load and unload pallets and individual cases to and from trailers, as well as collect empty pallet boards and carry them to storage. Material Handlers pick appropriate cases according to order using required technology. They can be required to safely operate a forklift. They load trailers via carts or stack cases on the floor of a truck trailer, receive and distribute product and assist in weekly product inventory. They take part in general housekeeping and specific sanitation tasks as required

Warehouse Associate

The Warehouse Associate performs various warehouse duties, typically in the realms of receiving, inputting, sorting, loading, and unloading. Tracks inventory as it moves throughout the warehouse. Organizes and maintains inventory. Inspects all inventory for damage or defects when received and before shipping. Fills and inspects customer invoices. Packages and labels inventory with accuracy

Warehouse Security Manager

The Warehouse Security Manager assists in the development and implementation of property and emergency procedures. Conducts investigations of any internal shrinkage and reports it to management, acts as front line security to effectively monitor and protect assets and individuals. Conducts periodic patrols of entire property and parking areas.

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Warehouse Operations Best Practices from Our Blog

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