Warehouse Staffing Solutions: Why Wonolo’s On-Demand Platform Offers a Better, Cost-Effective Solution for Temporary Staffing Needs than Using an Agency

Whether it’s flu season, the holiday season, or a season of spiking demand, warehouse operations and HR managers know how difficult it can be to solve warehouse staffing issues when they unexpectedly find themselves short-handed. On-demand labor staffing is an alternative and better solution for warehouse managers than traditional staffing agencies because on-demand labor is more cost effective and delivers faster time-to-fill and better fill rates.

In fact, Wonolo is the best on-demand platform for warehouse operations because our average time-to-fill is four minutes, rather than the days or weeks that many temporary and contract staffing companies take to deliver temporary staff. If you’re looking for an on-demand staffing platform to solve your warehouse labor needs, Wonolo will save you time and money and deliver vetted Wonoloers and their performance reviews to you in minutes so you can find the talent you need to get your warehouse jobs done.

Wonolo is a Cost-Saving On-Demand Staffing Platform

Wonolo is a chief financial officer’s dream because we provide temporary warehouse staffing solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional temp staffing:

  • On average, our on-demand workforce costs 40% less.
  • We also save you money because your operations and HR managers don’t have to spend time posting openings on multiple job sites, screening applicants, or contacting several warehouse staffing agencies.
  • Our algorithm automatically ranks and notifies as many as 300,000 vetted Wonoloers for your job.
  • And, our thousands of pre-screened workers are prepared to accept your warehouse job in minutes.

With Wonolo, warehouse operations and HR managers can be up and running in no time:

  • Write a quick job description
  • Set the hours, pay, and location for the position
  • Post the job in seconds

That means your warehouse managers can get back to their typical daily tasks without wasting hours finding qualified flexible warehouse staffing, thanks to Wonolo. Warehouse operations and HR managers also appreciate that our on-demand platform has HR and legal compliance built in because Wonolo is built for business.

When you choose Wonolo as your warehouse staffing solution, you are not responsible for paying any upfront costs. Other cost-saving benefits include:

  • Requesting Wonoloers is totally free of charge.
  • Simply pay a small fee when a job is successfully completed.
  • Save on payroll costs: Wonolo handles all aspects of payment and pays workers same-day.
  • We take care of the payment, insurance, and vetting so your people can set Wonolo and forget it.

Overall, organizations that choose Wonolo’s on-demand staffing platform save an average of 40%-50% more than those who use traditional staffing agencies.

Benefits of Using Wonoloers for Temporary Warehouse Staffing

Businesses that choose Wonolo for temporary warehouse staffing love our fast time-to-fill rates and cost effectiveness.

  • Fast time-to-fill rate: Our average fill rate is 90%, versus the 34% for many temporary and contract staffing companies.
  • Easy to use platform: Companies that choose our on-demand solution really love how easy it is to get the flexible workforce they need.
  • Simple, 3-step request process: Requesting a Wonoloer is a simple, 3-step process: warehouse HR managers simply fill out a short job description, set the hours and pay, and within a few minutes, a worker accepts the job.
  • Transparency and flexibility: How do we know our Wonoloers will do the job right? We have a thorough onboarding process, a comprehensive vetting procedures, and ranking algorithms to ensure we match the best Wonoloers with your job.
  • Second-to-none onboarding process: Our onboarding process ensures our Wonoloers are in line with our business philosophy and expectations.
  • The Five Ps: We look for five traits, or five Ps, in potential Wonoloers: professional, prepared, positive, polite, and punctual. Our Wonoloers go through our proprietary onboarding process to determine whether they have a deep understanding of the 5Ps and if they will exhibit them on the job.
  • Average 4.9-star staff rating: After we invite applicants who successfully complete our onboarding process to join Wonolo, the system works as a meritocracy to give more job access to Wonoloers who perform well; conversely, those who perform poorly lose job access. That’s why Wonoloers have an average 4.9-star staff rating.

In short, warehouse operations and HR managers who post job openings to Wonolo can be assured temporary warehouse staff will arrive and be prepared to work immediately, and that they will do the job right. When Wonoloers complete the work, you will have the opportunity to rate their performance to hold them accountable. You also can create preferred talent pools populated with your preferred Wonoloers; this feature allows you to send jobs directly to your favorite Wonoloers to create a quick and consistent warehouse workforce on-demand.

Wonolo is the Perfect Warehouse Staffing Solution for Organizations of Any Size

Because Wonolo puts warehouse operations and HR managers in complete control of posting jobs and finding talent, our platform is an ideal choice for organizations of any size. We deliver last-minute warehouse staffing challenges for FORTUNE 500 companies, small-to-medium businesses, and startups. No matter your size, you can use Wonolo to better manage staffing unpredictability and augment your existing warehouse labor force quickly, easily, and inexpensively with Wonoloers who will work immediately and do the job correctly.

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Last updated: 03/10/2017


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