The Customer Success Team at Wonolo with Victoria

Christine Hanks on Apr. 26, 2022

Let's meet Victoria! Hi all!  My name is Victoria Cutsforth, I am on the Customer Success team here at Wonolo, sitting in Nashville TN, and I have been with Wonolo cumulatively for a little over 2.5 years and on the [...]

The Customer Success Team at Wonolo with CJ

Christine Hanks on Mar. 22, 2022

Let's meet CJ! Hi, my name is CJ Julian. My pronouns are he/ him, they/ them, and I am on the customer success team. I've been with Wonolo for about seven months and I am located in the wonderful San [...]

I am a Wonoloer: Brandye from Dallas

Chelsea Damon on Mar. 4, 2022

How did you get started on the Wonolo platform? I first heard of Wonolo through some coworkers. They told me about it during our lunch break one day and two or three of us signed up together. I was a [...]

Engineering at Wonolo with Jorge

Christine Hanks on Feb. 22, 2022

Let's meet Jorge! Hi, my name is Jorge Villacorta. I'm an engineering manager for test automation. I have been working at Wonolo for over two years now, and I'm based in Aurora, Ontario, about 30 minutes north of Toronto in [...]

Engineering at Wonolo with Kash

Christine Hanks on Jan. 25, 2022

Let's meet Kash! Hey there! I'm Kash. I'm a senior mobile developer at Wonolo. I'm responsible for our React Native application, as well as a native iOS clock-in application. I've been with Wonolo for about two years now, and I'm [...]

Wonolo Year in Review 2021

Christine Hanks on Jan. 7, 2022

We celebrated a tremendous 2021 and fully embraced being a remote-first team. We announced a new round of funding to help accelerate our growth and continue on our journey to make work flexible and fulfilling for everyone. We embraced our Tao of Wonolo - we did what we said we were going to, and we achieved what we set out to. We can't wait to see what 2022 brings us.

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