Find qualified manufacturing workers for your business

Navigate labor shortages, keep up with demand, and find temporary and long-term workers

A woman working on a production line.

Find talent on Wonolo to meet manufacturing demand

Address manufacturing labor needs

Fill various short and long-term jobs such as assemblers, machine operators, and other general labor with a community of 1M+ workers

Connect with qualified workers

Find quality workers who have been badged and meet your specifications to complete your jobs

Streamline sourcing efforts

Save valuable time and resources by alleviating the burdensome tasks of screening and interviewing manufacturing workers

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    Wonoloers fill these jobs and more

    • Assembler

    • Machine Operator

    • Material Handler

    • Pick & Pack

    • Forklift Operator

    • Fulfillment

    • Loader

    • Custodial/Facility Cleaners

    Real people with real experience – at your fingertips

    • Manufacturing/Production
    • Nadege Choulou

      Chicago, IL

      235 jobs

      • Fulfillment / Warehousing


      • Food Production


      • Merchandising


    • Juanisha Stamps

      Chicago, IL

      268 jobs

      • Manufacturing/Production


    • Lisa Shavers

      Chicago, IL

      26 jobs

      • Manufacturing/Production


    • Anays De La Torre

      Chicago, IL

      115 jobs

      • Manufacturing/Production


    • Romeo Cortez

      Chicago, IL

      99 jobs

      • Manufacturing/Production


    • Zanaja Hyslop

      Chicago, IL

      55 jobs

      • General Labor


      • Washing & Cleaning


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where is Wonolo available?

        Wonolo is available in over 100 markets, which include:
      • Atlanta
      • Austin
      • Baltimore
      • Charlotte
      • Chicago
      • Columbus
      • Dallas
      • Denver
      • Detroit
      • Fort Worth
      • Houston
      • Indianapolis
      • Jacksonville
      • Las Vegas
      • Miami
      • Nashville
      • New Jersey
      • New York
      • Orlando
      • Philadelphia
      • Phoenix
      • Pittsburgh
      • Raleigh / Durham
      • Salt Lake City
      • San Antonio
      • Seattle
      • Tampa Bay
    • What jobs does Wonolo help staff?

        Wonolo helps find qualified workers for a variety of frontline jobs, including:
      • Warehouse operations
      • General labor
      • Delivery drivers
      • Food production
      • Event staffing
      • Washing & cleaning
      • Merchandising
    • How does Wonolo work?

        We designed Wonolo to make finding and offering work to frontline workers a simple and affordable process:
      • Post a job so workers can decide if it's a good fit for them
      • Job gets accepted by a pre-screened worker, reducing the time and cost of recruiting compared to traditional staffing solutions
      • Approve worker after a job is completed and their payment is processed through Wonolo
    • How do I sign up?

      Getting started is easy. Fill out this form and someone from our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

    • Are workers background checked?

      For the latest information on background check, learn more.

    • Are workers insured?

      All jobs conducted through Wonolo by an independent contractor (Wonoloer) require that the Wonoloer is covered by Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI). OAI is industry-standard insurance used by contractors across the US, and provides occupational accident benefits for independent contractors. The key difference is that Worker’s Compensation can only be attached to an employer, while OAI can be purchased by and attached to an independent contractor. This insurance covers medical expenses, lost compensation, and benefits related to accidental injuries that occur during the course of an accepted job through the Wonolo App.
    • How do I post a job?

      Customers have access to a customer portal where posting jobs is fast and easy. Simply enter the pay rate, start time, location, and job description with any specific requirements (such as ability to lift 50 lb). Our proprietary ranking algorithm surfaces your job posting to the best matches. Both last-minute and temp-to-perm jobs are filled in less than 5 minutes on average.
    • What is the “Preferred Wonoloer” feature?

      This feature, which you'll see on the platform once you're all set up, enables you to give one or more workers priority access to your job posting an hour before others. This greatly increases the likelihood that your favorite workers will accept your job again.
    • What's a Wonoloer?

      “Wonoloer” is a word we use to describe people finding work on the Wonolo platform.